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The other programmer is the “navigator” views each line of the code written, spell check, and proofread it. Also, programmers will swap their roles every few minutes and vice-versa. The front end comprises a visible part of the application in which the user interacts, while the back end includes business logic. We’re looking for talented, motivated folks to help us support small businesses to adapt and stay open, even if their doors are closed. If you had difficulty with this example, you should brush up on your scope knowledge.

node js junior developer questions

Time to say I don’t know and seek for answers that we lack. Our clients expect us to deliver sound, successful apps rather than pieces of engineering art. They for sure don’t want to pay for work they did not order. You know that your job is important and you want to excel. That being said, we don’t want you to do more than is necessary. Business acumen is highly desirable from my perspective because it sets my conversations with developers to a higher, more mature level.

What Do Full Stack Web Developers Do?

This includes creating the look, feel, and interactivity of all the elements that make up a website, from the text and images to the buttons and menus. Remember that a coding interview isn’t just about stating the correct outcomes. Interviewers also want to know how you solve problems and how you communicate your thought processes.

node js junior developer questions

If you haven’t mastered the basic JavaScript mechanics, it may negatively affect your interview score. If you understand those values and share our belief in them, you are welcome at MasterBorn. Similarly to active thinking, learning from mistakes is very important. That’s why I am looking for proactive juniors who turn their lack of knowledge into motivation. To be honest, the more I know, the more I understand how little I know.

That’s why you need to prepare yourself well if you want to nail Node.js interview questions. In this article, you will find some questions… and reasons as to why the questions themselves aren’t the most important aspect. This question can help the interviewer get to know you as a developer and see what skills you value most. It also helps them understand how you might prioritize your work if you’re hired.

This question can help the interviewer determine your experience with using CSS frameworks and how you apply them to projects. In order to land a job as a junior front end developer, you’ll need to be able to answer questions Junior Node JS developer job about your experience, your skills, and your goals. Certified AWS Solutions Architect helping clients to utilise the cloud. Former software developer with experience in PHP, Node.js and frontend technologies.

When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention a specific skill that you have and explain why it’s important. A good Node.js developer can not only code, but also prepare a fully working development environment ready for Continuous Integration. Below, I’m going to show you some areas of expertise that are currently the most important for Node.js developers. There will be some questions too, but keep in mind that memorizing Node.js questions and answers alone won’t get you far. Firstly, you can’t predict the exact questions you’ll be asked.


But these are in fact the skills that set apart a true senior dev from good mid developers. Most exist as a part of teams and being able to communicate well in such an environment makes a big difference. In many cases, just using the right design pattern can change poorly written and unscalable code into an easy-to-maintain and scalable module. At The Software House, we often ask about dependency injections as this is something we use a lot in our Node.js projects. This question is your opportunity to show the interviewer that you have unique skills and talents. Until recently, the experience with REST API, including authentication methods and mapping of HTTP methods onto endpoints, was sufficient.

But, in the case of business openness, we prefer you to be grounded and focus on the real product value and necessary “must-haves”. You should also understand the basics of AWS and serverless computing. As a junior – not a trainee – you need to know the basics of your technology, including the programming language and commonly used tools. That is why it’s extremely important for me to work with people who are great communicators, who show empathy, and are emotionally mature.

node js junior developer questions

Front end developers must test their code to ensure it works properly. This question helps employers determine how you approach testing your work and whether you have the skills necessary for the job. In your answer, explain what steps you take when testing your code.


This means that whether the input used is a reference or an actual value that the reference is pointing to the program’s behavior is not changed. Acronym ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. In database systems, ACID refers to a standard set of properties that ensure database transactions are processed reliably. Throttling will prevent a specific device from making a defined number of requests within a defined time. Upon exceeding the specified number of requests, 429 Too Many Attempts HTTP error should be thrown.

  • We’re looking for talented, motivated folks to help us support small businesses to adapt and stay open, even if their doors are closed.
  • So be sure to share your thoughts and ask for support when needed.
  • They allow us to store extra data on the standard, semantic HTML elements.
  • Some of the Node.js interview topics related to testing may include mocking, injections, or the Test Pyramid.
  • Often these are follow-up questions to “What will be the output of this code?
  • Behavioral – These are about identifying common communication patterns between objects.

Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use, cookie and privacy policy. So be sure to share your thoughts and ask for support when needed. Recruiters expect you to know about crucial changes and updates in the JavaScript ecosystem. After all, they’re looking for developers who build applications in a modern, clean, and sustainable way!

Soft Skills Questions

That is why many of the traits I am looking for in a junior developer are connected in some way or another. As a CTO, I am always in between the business’s needs, different technologies and people. Believe me – it is not always easy to find the right compromise. This question can help the interviewer determine your knowledge of JavaScript libraries and how you use them. Use examples from your experience to show that you know when to use a library and what benefits it offers. Front end developers and back end developers often work together to create a website.

He or she needs to make an effort to deepen their business knowledge and get to the bottomline. Focusing only on “the how” and not “the why” is superficial and does not bring value to the client. It’s easier to find a person with amazing tech competencies than those with decent soft skills.

Web scripts can be integrated using CORS when it requests a resource that has an external origin (protocol. Domain, or port) from its own. A Full Stack Web Developer is a person who is familiar with developing both client and server software. In addition to mastering CSS and HTML, they are also know how to program browsers, databases, and servers.

What’s more, the gaps in your knowledge will eventually surface and then, there are also soft skills that require practicing in their own rights. Focus on improving your general ability and experience in each of these areas. Inversion of Control is a broad term used by software developers for defining a pattern that is used for decoupling components and layers in the system. It is mostly used in the context of object-oriented programming. Control of objects or portions of a program is transferred to a framework or container with the help of Inversion of Control. It can be achieved using various mechanisms such as service locator pattern, strategy design pattern, factory pattern, and dependency injection.

It’s not enough to know how to write “IF” statements in a specific language. You need to know what most common data structures are or at least why it’s important to use them. If you are a complete novice, and have no idea how to get to the junior stage, read an interview with Łukasz, a welder who became a front-end developer.

Soft skills are what distinguish a good developer from a great one. First of all, I’m looking for people who have a plan for themselves. Such aspiring programmers know their goals, want to become seniors, Masters, or CTOs. I’m not afraid of them replacing me – it makes me happy to see people grow and I don’t feel threatened. Keep in mind that depending on the nature of the company/position you’re applying for, some of the areas can be more or less important. Try to estimate yourself which ones are the most crucial for the position you’re going for.

Troubleshooting is an important skill for a front end developer to have. Employers ask this question to see if you can use your problem-solving skills to fix issues on websites. In your answer, explain the steps you took to troubleshoot the issue and how you fixed it.

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