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However, that night, the BBC did give Salmond’s election a fair amount of coverage in proportion to Maddy, and not just on BBC Parliament either. Finally, you probably haven’t received a large number of complaints about this because people feel a bit of a lowlife making an issue about it. I think the face that you’ve received 10 is reason enough to reconsider your level of coverage. We need as much coverage as we can with regards to this little girl’s dissapearance. We need to keep the story red, red, hot and it must not be allowed to cool down at all. This sort of large scale coverage should be in place whenever any child goes missing for a longer than normal time.

  • If ratings were any guide to content then there would be no news programming.
  • Your argument about news audiences seems to be a postion of ‘give ’em what they want’ without regard to its practical use and without regard to other stories needing to be told.
  • I think the face that you’ve received 10 is reason enough to reconsider your level of coverage.
  • Surely now she is so well known, is it good or bad for her to be recognised?
  • Personally I feel more even-handed and representative reporting is appropriate.
  • Harsh as it is the chances of their daughter being alive are decreasing every day and yes they should keep on searching if that’s what they need/want to do.

Keep puting madeleine at the top of the news in the hope that someone somewhere will be moved to do something and hopefully bring this little girl back to her family. What an extraordinary rant by Claire Burke; a media teacher, eh. The war in Iraq, for example, is an ongoing affair, with British and other soldiers getting killed, and everyone looking for a way out.

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I feel sorry for madelines parents for having to cope with the pressure. If they would stop having all of these stupid ceromonys, they might find her faster. Who ever has got should just let her go as she has been away from her family and friends for a couple of month now and it is reali upsetting . I had even pt a yellow ribbon up in wallsend as i want her to come back fine and not hurt and hopefully she gets found soon . Where are the posters saying “Stop butchering young Iraqis”, “Oppose Chinese organ trading”, “Stop collusion between government and big business” or “Cancel third world debt”?

I suspect you have complaints because most people who feel this way have given up. The completely OTT coverage of the Virginia massacre was the last straw – why are American stories more important than those from Africa or Asia? Of course we want to know if there are any true developments in the case. But saying that the parents are still smiling for the benefit of their other children is not news. Obviously most companies need to worry about ratings, and even the BBC which isn’t reliant on advertising money needs to be concerned about them.

  • Something else that might be considered is that the majority of the public may be simply followers of the system.
  • At first, it will cover your back, at second they start to feel the responsibility for the issue and be aware of the compliance issues.
  • Who could begrudge this of any Family in their situation.

I feel that the coverage is essential to highlight a very important issue and that Madeline situation deserves to be highlighted. I still support the mc canns 100%.i just wish to god they would find wee madeline soon,kate is so worn out looking.i check the news very regulary to try and find out if there is any good news about madeline. Perhaps what the BBC should do, which would be more helpful, is focus on the bigger picture of paedophilia.


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If the mainstream opinion is that emotion-rich human-interest stories are what matters, then huge numbers of people will accept this, unquestioningly. Maybe, however, if the system made an effort to draw attention to stories that have a REAL effect on people’s lives, the public’s attention may become re-focused on informative news that is of long-term relevance. Whilst no-one would wish anything other than a happy outcome to this dreadful story, I feel a sense of unease that other dreadful family disasters are without the luxury of world-wide publicity.

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We have, quite rightly in my opinion, set our sights on making national decision-making non-elitist; encouraging anyone, from any walk of life, to feel comfortable becoming involved. The tragic error, as I see it, is that we have chosen to encourage Joe Public by removing from the process the requirement for understanding and intellectual precision. To my way of thinking, the only way egalitarianism can work is by bringing the masses up to the level of mental ability previously enjoyed only by the elite. Something else that might be considered is that the majority of the public may be simply followers of the system.

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The BBC has a duty to broadcast to the majority and I believe that this is what you’re doing. What makes it worse is that eventually overkill turns people off the story and we just hear repetitive “white noise”. Unpleasant though it is, and tragic though it may turn out, the real impact of the case of Madeleine McCann on the people of the UK is zero. Well, perhaps Price Swaprol not zero – maybe negative, in the sense that the millions and millions of man-hours spent focusing on this one-off incident could more productively have been spent. Many thousands of children in the third world, the names of whom we will never know, have been murdered or died of starvation and disease in the 3 weeks since this child’s disappearance.

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Children are innocent and deserve our protection and as much help as we can give to find her/them. Any parent who has lost sight of a child in a supermarket has just a little idea of what you go through when a child disappears for just a few minutes, so heaven alone knows what Madeleine’s parents are suffering. I can only think the person who complained that there is too much news coverage does not have children of his own. If he did, and this had happened to one of his, he would be the first to want the world to help with the finding.

In an age where BBC news coverage can be viewed across the world via both TV and the web, it is vital that the story of Madeleine remains at the forefront of any news coverage until the case is resolved. If there is a chance, however slight, that someone watching TV or viewing the web has vital information that they will be prompted to come forward with, through this “absurdly over the top” media coverage, then it must be worth it. Everyone I have spoken to wants that little girl found, what better media is there than the BBC world stage.

I certainly won’t bother to be watching some know it all trying to win votes to run this country. I think that the media coverage MAdeline is getting is great. But The media should take this opportunity to refresh the people’s memory on other missing children while they are at it. And in reply to those people who say “if this was my child etc” or “we must keep this in the public eye for Madeleine’s sake”.

It’s difficult to comprehend the selfish heartlessness of those complaining about the amount of coverage on missing Madelaine McCann. The fact remains, she is still missing and whilst there is any chance that she can be found alive then every effort should be made to maintain a high profile for the story. However, this year I have seen posters for other missing children in super-markets. The very fact that I can’t even remember what these children looked like let alone their names is clear evidence that this case is getting more coverage then is usual for this type of case. How can people claim to have compassion yet not want the press to do as much as they can to help.

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I have been watching News 24 for quite a while now; not particularly for news of Madeleine McCann, but for Alan Johnston. The news of his kidnapping seemed to dominate the BBC for some considerable time but seems to be getting less and less now as there appear to have been no new developments. If poor little Madeleine is not found soon, the coverage will inevitably wane. However, it has to be said that all of the comments in favour of the media approach concern themselves TOTALLY with this case. Their general drift is how anyone can dispute that it is right to go to any length to bring back Madeleine to her parents, and how can it be wrong for the parents to be given such mass popular support. And of course it does sound unreasonable to go against this.

  • The TV news in Australia has also been running with this story, and I would say that most of us do not object to the coverage.
  • As mentioned, we’ve inherited the licensing estate so previously the procurement of software has been all over the place with software spending coming out of random budgets so ‘ownership’ of software is often argued.
  • Based on your comments in the blog about the lack of complaints about the absolutely disproportional coverage of the Madeleine McCann story, I regret deeply not having complained sooner.
  • If you were to say to us “I don’t give a xxxx about the social rights and wrongs of this; my job is to give the public what the majority of them want” that at least would be an honest answer.

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The technology behind CENTRE makes it possible to exchange value between people, businesses and financial institutions just like email between mail services and texts between SMS providers. We believe by removing artificial economic borders, we can create a more inclusive global economy. I feel really sorry for Maddies parents having to cope with all this pain, I also hope that Maddie is found very soon as she has been https://cryptolisting.org/ missing for just about 2 months now. Whoever has taken her, please give her back for both her sake & her friends & family. I wish the Mccans the very best of luck in finding Maddie. The best summary of the whole issue, though, was a comment I recently saw that it would have been interesting to see how the media coverage would have differed had the parents not been a pair of doctors, but had instead been unemployed.

Meanwhile everyday we get news about the war in Iraq or the violence along the Gaza strip, are people bored of this??? Also I disagree with so many people that the media situation is similar to the Diana frenzy. Diana had no crime committed against her and the frenzy around her death was because she was a memember of the royal family, end of story. In the Madeleine Mccann story a crime has been committed against an innocent child therefore this story has to be kept alive in order to find her.

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If the license fee is used to do this I happily continue to pay it as simply donating to her cause cannot provide the media coverage that the BBC is able to do. I think the coverage of missing Maddy has been excellent and appropriate. I like many tune in everyday in the hopes that Madeline is found or that there is some positive news.

As a parent, I feel for the McCanns and I would like to know more about the Portugese legal system and the development of this case. Whilst feel sympathy for Madelein and of course her parents. It seems that the media, especially the tabloid media are milking the edges of the story for all it’s worth.

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Do we know what diseases we may be creating by violating human cells? Please do not report scientists dreams but keep to the facts. Vicky Batley says she is raising money at her school and sending it to the Fund but needs to stop and think for a moment. I am not going into the rights and wrongs of the parents leaving their children alone in the evening. They obviously feel dreadfully guilty about it and appear to be attempting to atone for this by foregoing work and travelling around Europe. But I think it unforgivable to seek reimbursement from the general public, when there are so many genuine children’s charities out there in desperate need of the cash.

The Madeleine abduction is now over a month old, and there is at the moment very little news, positive or negative, to report. Most people recognise this, and the continued coverage has become a bit of a turn-off. It has instead tended to focus attention on the parents, whose lack of care precipitated the tragic event. It is they who have assiduously cultivated the media, and when one of them recently stepped out of line, as they would see it, and recently published that ‘letter’, they had the nerve to brand it as ‘irresponsible’. I will refrain from attacking you personally, you are clearly well past the point of comprehending such valid insults. Err Kevin Bakhurst, one of the main reasons it is resulting in high news audiences is because the media, the BBC included have whipped up this story to such a frenzy in the first place.

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However, the last few days have seen a decline in reporting the case. During the day, i fully understand this as there are not ongoing reports to make and not regular updates. However I have been upset that the website is not doing more to promote the safe return of this little girl. I know it’s a complicated issue, but there are parents whose children have been abducted in far worse circumstances, who could only dream of this kind of media coverage. I can understand that this story has a lot of news value, but is that how the amount of news should be reported?

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